BKK sightseeing inspection. Tireddddd 😪 Sightseeing in hometown.

Sunday 🌊☀️💕👦👧

Lion ❤️ Deer

Dinner with mama 🍚🍱🍣🍥

สเต๊กไก่ซอสตับห่าน 😋 Sunday late lunch 🐣 (at กุ๊กชม ท่าน้ำเทเวศร์)

'This is what makes us girls. We all look for heaven and we put our love first. Something that we'd die for. It's our curse.'

ポニーテールOL🐴 花がらのつづき ❤️ (at JTB (Thailand) LTD.)

Pairs 💓

Love is not hard. Trust is. 💙